Indoor lights whether casual, contemporary, eclectic, modern, transitional, or simply traditional, ABT Lights are the perfect way to achieve your desired fashion or functional needs. Our designes pride themselves for using unique glass designs and shade materials that make these products some of the most attractive and desired styles of indoor lights available today.

Indoor lighting and lamps for every occasion by ABT Lights Whether you're looking to decorate or redecorate, we can help you simplify your project. Remember, each room needs lighting according to its purpose. That is why designers, creators, and manufacturers marry usage, aesthetics and new technology by ABT Lights for al there indoor lighting needs.

As one of the most recognized names in indoor lighting fixtures, ABT Lights is proud to feature hundreds of indoor pendant, chandeliers and track lighting, making us the selection of Home Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers today. ABT Lights Indoor Lighting Fixtures are available in many sizes and finishes to suit all your interior needs.

LED Lamps

LED Lamps are replacements for incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. They are designed to illuminate your home and office spaces with their pleasing radiance and perfect hue.

LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights are best described as hassle-free lights. Flicker-free, energy-efficient, maintenance-free with no added requirements. Available in various sizes, these lights are a perfect retrofit for your traditional fluorescent tube lights.

LED Downlights

Mounting these onto a ceiling would make it like a jewel-studded canopy. This effect is a result of the clear lens on this light which has facets cut into it, like on a glittering diamond - giving it a very good light distribution and that shimmering effect.

LED Panel Lights

Best used to light up office spaces, workstations, etc. LED Light Panels are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to meet your every indoor lighting need. Their edge–lit LED panel lights give a glare-free uniformity in illumination.

LED Strip Lights

Strip lights give you the design flexibility of using them as decorative light-rims on anything from the smallest to the largest structures. They can also be wound up, coiled or used in any other non-linear or abstract design. This, combined with their five colour options opens up infinite possibilities.

LED Multibox Lights

Multiple light sources that can be directionally adjusted to target beams of different angles, these lights are most suitable for showcasing jewellery or other display products that require multiple highlights. Their light weight makes them easy to mount and maintain.

LED Track Lights

Mounted on long guide-rails that define the required lighting space, these lights can be physically moved anywhere along the rail-path, and can be grouped or set apart - giving you any number of fixed light source combinations. They are ideal for high-ceiling studio settings where variable lighting is required.

LED Square Down Lights

Elegantly designed to fit seamlessly within ceilings, these square lights offer higher aesthetic value and can be configured in patterns and designs that go well with the overall decor around. Low power consumption combined with longer life-spans, mean negligible maintenance