Industrial-grade Lights are specifically designed to work in harsh and extreme environments such as factory-floors, assembly lines, large manufacturing units, storage and warehousing facilities, as well as ports, airports, transport hubs and transit areas. Their ability to consistently deliver even distribution of light while functioning in highly corrosive surroundings, along with power saving and long life, make them excellent growth-drivers.

LED Moisture Proof Lights

Best suited for spaces that need extremely high resistance to moisture, they are ideal for hospitals, dairy, warehouse. They can operate without problems in highly humid environments, where the percentage of moisture is high for sustained periods of time.

LED Hi-Bay Lights

LED HI-BAY Lights are high intensity lights used at workshops, industrial sheds and factories. These lights possess the power to illuminate large areas with their wide dispersion without adversely affecting the environment.

LED Flood/Beam Lights

In areas where extreme brightness is desired, these emit strong beams of light. This light gets distributed evenly, leaving no dark areas. They also consume significantly lower power for the same high brightness and output, especially cost-effective in multiple arrays of power sources.

LED Tunnel Lights

With their flat design, these are ideal for low-clearance roof areas like within parking lots, subways, tunnels and other such passageways. Their brightness is distributed uniformly and they have very low heating, ideal in enclosed spaces.

LED Industrial Lights

Operating at low wattage, these can be used on factory shop-floors and within industrial galas, even with low ceiling mounting, for effective results. Low heating make them best suited for these busy environment.

LED Portable Lights

As the name suggests, ABT LED Portable Lights are lights that you can take along with you to places that have low or no light. Like mines, camping sites, lofts etc. These lights can be hung stationary with the help of their hook. They are convenient and easy to handle.

LED Corn Lights

Used in homes, restaurants, galleries, gyms and marts, these ABT LED Corn Lights are available in different sizes and intensities. They are highly efficient lights and work effortlessly to bring vibrancy to your interiors. They are capable of covering larger spaces with better illuminating capacity and are environmentally friendly.